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Your Lawyer from Gdynia - Attorney Maciej Wieczorkowski

In my work as a lawyer, I pay special attention to customer service according to the highest standards. I provide services in such a way as to effectively solve the problem. The primary goal is always to protect the interests of my clients.

Practicing as a lawyer for many years confirmed my belief that I made the right decision by choosing this career path. I do what I like. Knowing that I help people through my work gives me great satisfaction and is a driving force for further activities and development.

The law firm I run is located in Gdynia. I provide services primarily to clients from the Tricity (Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot), as well as the rest of the country.

Adwokat gdynia
kancelaria gdynia
Ready-made solutions

A good lawyer not only indicates the regulations, but also shows solutions. I always try to leave the client with a recommended action, after a thorough analysis and presentation of all risks. I explain what should be done and why. I know you don't need to know law - that's why you have me.

obsługa prawna firm
Partnership approach

I deeply believe that a good lawyer looks at his client's interests first. For me, your business and interest is our common good. With this goal in mind, I select optimal and effective solutions. Let's talk about your problem in my office in Gdynia.

prawo spadkowe
Commitment and determination

A good lawyer should always approach his client's case individually. Regardless of the importance of the problem, I devote myself entirely to it to achieve the intended result. The goal is always the good and interest of the client.

kancelaria prawna gdynia
Constant development

"The best lawyer in Tricity" - such words from clients always make me happy, but I am constantly trying to be better. I know that a good lawyer cannot rest on his laurels. I constantly try to develop and expand my knowledge in order to approach the matter holistically and provide services at the highest level.

How can I help you?

Lawyer Gdynia Specializations

prawo IT
Legal services for IT and startups

Ongoing service to companies from the IT and newtech sector: preparation of implementation and investment agreements, software maintenance and development agreements, legal support for startups

proces cywilny
Civil law

Civil law and representation in all civil cases at every stage. Cases regarding Swiss franc loans, WIBOR cases and other disputes with banks.

prawo spadkowe
Inheritance law

Representing the interests of heirs and other people after the death of loved ones. Confirmation of inheritance, cases regarding compulsory share, will, disinheritance and other inheritance matters in Tricity.

obsługa prawna firm
Legal services for companies and partnerships

Legal services for enterprises from various industries in the scope of their business activities and the legality of their intentions. Contracts: preparing, reviewing and negotiating. GDPR and personal data protection: Training, Implementation, Audit.

adwokat upadłościowe
Consumer and corporate bankruptcy
kancelaria IP
Copyright and intellectual property

Copyright and intellectual property consultancy, agreements on the transfer of copyrights, license agreements, trademark protection.

prawnik RODO
Family law Gdynia

Divorce, separation, alimony, division of property. We also deal with all matters related to contact with children and incapacitation.

prawo karne
Criminal law

Criminal cases in Gdynia, criminal executive cases, criminal and fiscal cases. Drug crimes, electronic surveillance.

Proven Law Firm

If you found this website by entering the phrase “lawyer Gdynia” or “lawyer Gdynia” in the search engine, read the opinions about the legal services provided by the law firm on Google My Business. The content of opinions provided by customers and the number of recommendations prove the high quality of the services provided and our full commitment to the matters entrusted to us. Below are only some of the opinions from the above-mentioned website. I encourage you to read all available in the above-mentioned. service. If you are wondering whether to entrust your case to us, please contact us by phone. I will be happy to talk about your case over coffee in the office in Gdynia.

Wieczorkowski Lawyers

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions by people interested in using the services of the law firm I run. If the answers below are unclear to you, or if you simply prefer to ask them directly, please contact me by phone or e-mail and I will try to provide you with comprehensive information.

My law firm provides services to clients from all over Poland. We are able to resolve most matters without the client’s personal appearance at the office. For this purpose, we contact the client by phone, video conference or simply by e-mail. However, if the client wishes to meet in person and discuss the matter, I cordially invite you to the office in Gdynia or Kutno after making an appointment.

Additionally, due to the nature of my work and visits to courts, I visit the following towns: Kartuzy, Puck, Jastarnia, Władysławowo, Kościerzyna, Rumia, Reda, Wejherowo.

The cost of legal advice starts from three hundred and fifty zlotys. The price for advice depends on the type of case, its complexity and the workload of the lawyer involved in solving the problem.

The office address is: Gdynia, ul. Śląska 53/A401. The office is located in the Xenon Business Park office building in the Działki Leśne district. There is a parking lot in front of the building. For people traveling by public transport, the most comfortable solution will be SKM. The office is located near the Gdynia Wzgórze św. Maksymilian station – literally 5 minutes on foot.

Legal advice generally lasts until the client receives answers to his questions. Typically, the advice does not exceed one clock hour.

Every lawyer is a lawyer, but not every lawyer is a lawyer. A lawyer is any person who completes a degree in law. In turn, a lawyer is a person who has completed a lawyer’s apprenticeship and passed a professional examination. I, in turn, completed my apprenticeship and passed the professional examination in Gdańsk at the Pomeranian Bar Association.

If the client has a registered office/office in Gdańsk or Sopot, upon special request, I am able to meet at the above-mentioned premises after prior arrangement. cities. If the client does not have premises or an office that ensures the confidentiality of the information provided, I insist on a meeting at the office in Gdynia. As part of my business activities, I also often visit the following towns: Kościerzyna, Kartuzy, Puck, Jastarnia, Katowice, Łódź, Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław. I don’t see any obstacles to making an appointment while traveling to the above-mentioned places. cities.

One of the foundations of the law firm I am building is the desire to help those in need and belief in my skills. We always try to analyze the case scrupulously and in detail to present to the client all the possibilities and risks related to our recommendations. Unfortunately, without an in-depth analysis of the case, I will not be able to answer this question.

The law firm is not only me, but also lawyers and lawyers providing assistance at the highest level. My law firm also helps clients in other areas of law, such as administrative law, GDPR or tax law. However, if neither I nor my team are able to help, I will try to help and refer the person to the appropriate specialist recommended by me.

There’s absolutely no problem for me to provide legal services in English. I can help you with many legal cases for e.g. bankrupcy law, business law, intelectuall property, criminal defence, civil law. We can also establish a polish company and provide you professional services. 

Work for a trainee lawyer in Gdynia/lawyer. Professional internships

A law firm from Gdynia will cooperate with an ambitious and committed legal trainee or lawyer. We also invite law students and graduates for professional internships, where we reveal the secrets of a lawyer’s work and teach them how to prepare for the profession. Please send your applications to the following e-mail address:

Gdynia, ul. Śląska 53/A401