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Consumer bankruptcy Gdynia Gdańsk Sopot

Consumer bankruptcy is a colloquial expression relating to bankruptcy proceedings of natural persons. The basic goal of this procedure is the so-called debt relief for a natural person, i.e. cancellation of his or her financial liabilities. This option is especially important for people with significant debt. Debt relief may mean a new start, a clean slate for this person.

The proceedings regarding the declaration of consumer bankruptcy initiate a petition for declaration of bankruptcy. However, before you decide to submit an application, you should determine whether there are any grounds for declaring bankruptcy in your case. In addition, you should examine whether consumer bankruptcy is actually the best solution for you from the point of view of your property interests. It is possible that a much more advantageous option for you will be to initiate arrangement proceedings at a meeting of creditors or other options. It is therefore worth seeking legal advice from a lawyer before submitting an application.

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Consumer bankruptcy Gdynia Gdańsk Sopot - what next?

The proceedings themselves do not end with the declaration of bankruptcy. This is practically just the beginning of your road to debt relief. In the meantime, you will have to deal not only with the court, but also with the bankruptcy trustee. It is he who will take over the management of your assets when bankruptcy is announced. Moreover, you must know that completely getting rid of debts is theoretically the most advantageous, but not the only option.

The law firm of attorney Maciej Wieczorkowski helps Tri-City residents, i.e. residents of the cities of Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot, as well as surrounding towns, in obtaining the most favorable consumer bankruptcy result, tailored to your individual situation. I cordially invite you to a meeting at the office in Gdynia.

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