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Family law Gdynia Gdańsk Sopot

Family law in Gdynia is one of the specializations of my law firm. Matters related to family undoubtedly belong to the most delicate sphere of every person, therefore they require special understanding of the situation, empathy and support from the lawyer.

If you want professional help from a lawyer who will focus on your problem and commit 100% to the entrusted case, please visit my law firm.

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Family lawyer - how can I help you as a lawyer?

As a lawyer, I offer professional assistance in family matters, including: in matters regarding:

  • divorce, with a finding of fault, without a finding of fault, and any other matters related to the dissolution of a marriage,
  • division of joint property
  • alimony: providing assistance to the alimony holder or debtor,
  • determining the alimony obligation, as well as increasing/reducing the previously established alimony,
  • alimony for or from an adult child,
  • alimony for ex-husband/wife
    establishing contacts with the child,
  • limitation/deprivation of parental authority,
  • establishing/denying paternity,
  • partial or total incapacitation

…as well as matters related to broadly understood family law, guardianship law.

Is it worth using a lawyer's help in a family matter?

A good lawyer in family matters is worth his weight in gold. Why?

First of all, he is a person who looks at the problem from the outside and is therefore able to provide you with reliable and credible advice without any emotional charge.

Secondly, family matters such as alimony or divorce are not the easiest, both mentally for the parties and in formal terms – a lawyer should help you get used to an unusual situation, such as appearing in court, and also provide you with a sense of security. .

Thirdly, a family law attorney is a specialist who, thanks to his knowledge and experience, can suggest solutions unknown to an ordinary person so that he can achieve his intended goal.

How much does a lawyer cost in a family case?

The answer to this question is not clear, because the lawyer’s fee is determined individually depending on the case. A divorce case with and without a guilt decision will cost differently. I also estimate the cost of work differently in an alimony case and in an incapacitation case. Unfortunately, there is no single, simple and formulaic answer to the question of how much a lawyer costs in a family case.

What is important when determining the cost of legal assistance services in a family matter?

The time commitment of all activities undertaken in connection with the case at the pre-trial or court stage, as well as the degree of complexity of the case, are important.

How much are court costs in family matters?

When moving the case to the stage of court proceedings, one should take into account the incurring of court costs related to, among others: with moving the matter forward. The provisions of the Act on Court Costs in Civil Cases will be relevant in this matter.

Where should I pay? The fee can be paid in court tokens or the appropriate amount can be transferred to the court’s bank account.

Moving on to sample types of cases, in the case of:

divorce – the fee is PLN 600 per petition,
separation – the fee is PLN 600 per claim, unless the parties agree, then the fee is PLN 100,
alimony – entitled persons are exempt from paying court fees (the exemption also applies to the defendant in a case to reduce alimony),
annulment/reduction or expiration of alimony – the fee will be 5% of the subject of the dispute, but PLN 30.00,
restriction of parental authority – the fee is PLN 100,
regulating contact with a child – the fee is PLN 100,
denial of paternity – the fee is PLN 200.

All fees related to court costs are included in the Act of July 28, 2005 on court costs in civil cases.

What is also worth paying attention to, court costs include not only fees related to the letter initiating the court process, but also costs related to filing appeals, announcements of appeals, applications for securing claims or other activities, such as issuing a copy of the judgment with a note on its finality. /feasibility.

A professional attorney will certainly help you estimate the likely cost of expenses related to court costs in family cases.

When is it worth using a lawyer's help in a family matter?

In fact, any time is a good time to seek the help of a lawyer in a family matter. Even in the simplest of matters, the situation can take an unexpected direction, which can cause quite a lot of anxiety.

Entrusting the matter to a professional will help you save a lot of worries, and will also give you the feeling that the matter is in good hands, without losing sleep.

Many people often come to me and count on human psychological support in difficult times, because a lawyer is supposed to be an ally who is able to provide comfort to his or her client.

Family matters Gdynia Gdańsk Sopot - lawyer's assistance

If you need the help of a family law attorney who will show you the best solution, show help and commitment – please contact us.

In the case of family matters, we serve clients from all over Poland, but in particular from the Tricity (Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot) and Kutno. I will be happy to welcome you at the office located at the following address: Gdynia, ul. Śląska 53 A lok. 401.

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