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Bankruptcy and restructuring - Law Firm in Gdynia

Bankruptcy of entrepreneurs (Companies)

This is a specific procedure aimed at satisfying the entrepreneur’s creditors in the event of his insolvency. The aim of the proceedings is to satisfy the claims of creditors to the highest possible extent and, if rational considerations allow, to preserve the debtor’s existing business. I help entrepreneurs who are wondering whether to file for bankruptcy. After submitting the application, I advise clients to best protect their interests. I also represent the interests of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

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Restructuring, in turn, is a procedure whose aim is to avoid bankruptcy under the conditions of an arrangement with creditors. There are various types of restructuring proceedings that help regulate debtor-creditor relations. Bankruptcy or restructuring? As a lawyer, I will help you answer this question in your specific case. I will also guide you through the entire procedure, defending your interests to enable you to continue running your business smoothly as much as possible.

Consumer bankruptcy

Consumer bankruptcy is a term referring to the bankruptcy of natural persons. The purpose of the proceedings is to enable the discharge of the bankrupt’s obligations unfulfilled in bankruptcy proceedings. An attorney is also able to assist with this particular proceeding. I will prepare an application for declaring bankruptcy, represent your interests at the court hearing and provide assistance and advice throughout the proceedings.

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