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The computerization and digitization of everyday life is not just a matter of recent years. The technological progress that has been happening before our eyes since the early 2000s is accelerating and will probably never slow down. Along with this progress, of course, the so-called IT industry – information technology. In this technological rush, IT companies must not only cope with competition, but also ensure that their projects comply with the law and secure the company’s interest with good, effective IT contracts. As an attorney, IT lawyer, i.e. specializing in IT law, I will also be happy to help you and your company find your way in the maze of legal regulations. Legal services are provided by me in most cases remotely, even though I currently provide services mainly to entities from the Tricity (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia).

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IT lawyer - legal services - who can I help?

As an IT lawyer I can help:

  • software houses and any other enterprises focused on creating software or providing programming services
  • programmers – in disputes with employers/customers
    enterprises and
  • companies from the new technology sector, in particular those that support blockchain technology
  • large entities from other industries that intend or are already digitizing their services
  • e-commerce companies

It might seem, therefore, that IT legal services only provide services to programmers and software companies. However, digitization is taking over all areas of our lives. It is therefore worth considering professional legal services for topics related to new technologies.

IT contract lawyer - how can I help?

A significant part of an IT lawyer’s work is preparing, negotiating and reviewing IT contracts. IT contracts are mainly:

  • implementation contracts, i.e. an agreement to create specific software and its implementation in IT systems and in the ordering party’s enterprise,
  • an agreement for the provision of software maintenance and development services – in practice, there are also maintenance agreements themselves, which are also called “IT service agreement”. It is often the case that a given entity already has a license for a given software, but would like to use additional maintenance services, or simply the existing contract will expire soon. Pure software development contracts are less common, although this is not excluded, e.g. when the ordering entity has all the copyrights to the software and wants to outsource its development to an external partner.
  • contract for outsourcing of IT services and contract for body leasing of services
  • contracts or regulations regarding the provision of services based on the Iaas, Saas, Paas models
  • agreements for the transfer of copyrights to software or license agreements for software
    legal support in creating attachments regarding, among others, parameters of services provided (SLA)
  • employment contracts with programmers, contracts for the provision of services or work with programmers

IT lawyer - non-performance or improper performance of an IT contract

As a procedural lawyer, I can also help with issues related to non-performance or improper performance of an IT contract. Contrary to appearances, disputes in the implementation of IT contracts are not that rare and are usually related to:

  • non-performance or improper performance of the implementation contract or software contract resulting in non-acceptance of work,
  • dispute as to the quality of work performed, dispute as to software installation and its compatibility with the ordering party’s systems
  • claims for contractual penalties arising from the contract
  • violation of license terms
  • violation of the terms of contracts for the transfer of copyrights
  • failure to pay remuneration for work/services performed
  • pursuing claims under warranty/guarantee for software
  • breach of NDA or other breach of confidentiality obligations

IT lawyer and personal data protection

Legal services for an IT company or other enterprises related to modern technologies also include care in the field of personal data protection. Personal data protection is primarily about implementing the GDPR and adapting the company’s operations to the requirements of the regulation. More on this topic in the section: “Lawyer Gdynia Specializations: GDPR and personal data protection

IT lawyer and new technologies, blockchain, tokenization

The IT legal services I provide as part of a law firm in Gdynia also include assistance with topics related to new technology. Difficulties with new technologies may result from specific legal regulations. For example, in topics related to blockchain technology and broadly understood tokenization, enterprises providing services in the above field must take into account the need to adapt their business to the regulations arising from the Act on Counteracting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, and sometimes also under the Payment Services Act.

IT legal services Gdynia Gdańsk Sopot

As I mentioned earlier, most of my law firm’s clients are entrepreneurs from the Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot). If you don’t mind the distance and the need to communicate online, and you are looking for a committed person to provide IT legal services for your company, please contact me.

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